can cats have honey


Can Cats Have Honey?

It is often thought that cats cannot eat honey because it is not good for their health, but it turns out that cats can indeed eat small amounts of honey with few risks.

Risks of Feeding Cats Honey

Here are some potential risks of giving cats honey:

    • May cause an upset stomach or diarrhea


    • Contains sugar which contributes to weight gain and health problems


    • Contains small amounts of botulism spores and toxic compounds which could be harmful to cats


However, as long as the honey is freshly made and does not contain any additives, it is safe for cats to eat.

Benefits of Feeding Cats Honey

There are some potential benefits as well that cats might receive from eating a small amount of honey:

    • Contains minerals, vitamins and antioxidants


    • May improve eye health due to lutein and zeaxanthin


    • May reduce the risk of allergy symptoms


    • May prevent anemia by supplying iron



Overall, small amounts of honey are safe for cats, but keep in mind that it should never replace regular meals. If you do decide to give your cat honey, make sure it is unprocessed, freshly made, and free of any additives or preservatives.

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