Can Cats Have Peaches


Can Cats Have Peaches?

Many pet owners consider giving their cats human food as a treat, but not all human food is safe for cats to consume. Peach, a popular and healthy snack, is one such food. So can cats have peaches safely? The short answer is no.

What Makes Peaches Unsafe for Cats?

Peaches are not toxic to cats, but there are several medical issues that can arise if cats eat peaches:

    • Choking hazard – Cats can choke on peach seeds and pits, and they lack the enzymes to break down and digest them properly.


    • Diarrhea and abdominal pain – Excess sugar can cause digestive problems.


    • Canker sores – Ascorbic acid in peaches can cause canker sores in cats.


    • Allergies and sensitivities – Peaches can cause an allergic reaction in cats, and can make existing allergies worse.


Substitute Foods for Cats

If you want to give your cat a sweet treat, there are plenty of safe, healthy alternatives. Here are a few ideas:

    • Kibble treats – Many cats love the crunchiness of kibble, and you can find treats made with natural, healthy ingredients.


    • Cheese wedges – Cheese is a safe and tasty way to treat your cat – just be sure to avoid anything high in salt.


    • Seafood – Cats love fish, and cooked boneless, skinless salmon, mackerel, or tuna provide plenty of nutrition.


    • Cooked vegetables – Try offering plain cooked carrots or green beans as a snack.


As you can see, when it comes to giving your cat a special treat, peaches are a no-go. But there are plenty of safe and delicious alternatives for you to offer your four-legged friend.

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