can crested geckos eat apples

Can Crested Geckos Eat Apples?

The answer is Yes, crested geckos can eat apples. Apples can be an important part of a crested geckos’ diet. Apples provide essential vitamins and minerals, as well as energy and fiber, which are important for a gecko’s overall health and proper growth. Here’s what you need to know about feeding apples to your crestie:

Nutritional Value

Apples are a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They contain Vitamin C, calcium, iron, and other essential nutrients. Apples also contain low amounts of fat and sugar, which are important for a healthy diet.


Apples are a great way to provide your crested gecko with essential vitamins and minerals. They also contain fiber, which helps with digestion, and can help keep your gecko’s bowel movements regular. Additionally, apples are a low-calorie snack, and can help provide a boost of energy.

How to Feed Apples to Crested Geckos

It’s important to make sure that apples are offered in a safe and appropriate way. Here are some tips for feeding apples to crested geckos:

  • Provide pieces of apples with the skin – this helps provide the necessary fiber.
  • Make sure the apples are washed before feeding.
  • Cut apples into small pieces – this encourages the gecko to eat them.
  • Offer apples as a snack – you don’t want them to replace other fruits or veggies.
  • Avoid feeding apples to juvenile geckos – their small size makes them prone to choking.

When offering apples to your crestie, it’s important to monitor their eating habits and make sure they’re getting the proper nutrition. Apples can be a great addition to a crested geckos’ diet, when offered in moderation.

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