can dogs get cats pregnant

Can Dogs Get Cats Pregnant?

No, dogs cannot get cats pregnant. Despite various rumors and myths circulating online, mating between cats and dogs is not possible as, biologically, cats and dogs are completely different animal species, and as such, cannot interbreed.

Animals that can Interbreed

It is possible for some animals to produce offspring which are fertile and capable of having their own offspring. This occurs when two animals of similar species, which have a compatible enough genetic makeup, attempt to breed. This means they can interbreed; Producing viable offspring.

Common examples of animals that can interbreed include:

  • Cats and Tigers (Tigons and Li-Ligers)
  • Horses and Donkeys (Mules)
  • Goats and Sheep (Geeps)

Canines and Felines

Unlike the animals mentioned above, cats and dogs are too far apart in terms of the genetic makeup to be able to produce viable offspring from breeding. This means, unlike horses, sheep and goats, felines and canines can’t produce fertile offspring.

In addition, cats and dogs have many different physical characteristics which provide further evidence that mating between the two species isn’t a viable option.

The size difference between cats and dogs mean copulation is nearly impossible, and as cats are usually sexually mature earlier than dogs, it is unlikely that their reproductive cycles would match.


To summarise, dogs and cats cannot mate, and thus, dogs cannot get cats pregnant. Cats and dogs are too different in terms of genetics, size and sex cycle to be able to interbreed and, as such, mating between the two species is impossible.

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