Can Dogs Get High From Blowing Smoke in Ear


Can Dogs Get High From Blowing Smoke in Their Ear?

Many pet owners have heard the old wives tale that smoking marijuana around a dog can get them high. While this is certainly not recommended, what is less known is if you can get a dog high by blowing smoke in their ears.

Does Blowing Smoke Into a Dog’s Ear Get Them High?

The answer is an emphatic no. Dogs do not get high from smoke being blown into their ears, regardless of the type of smoke it is. While it is thought that a dog’s sense of smell might be able to detect the active ingredients in marijuana, it is more likely that they are sensing the other odors associated with cannabis.

How Dogs React to Smoke

So if blowing marijuana smoke into a dog’s ear won’t get them high, then what will happen? Generally, the reaction will depend on the individual dog. Much like people, some dogs might find the smells associated with marijuana to be pleasant, while others will not.

Typically, a dog’s reaction to smoke in the ear will be one of discomfort or irritation. Some dogs may even try to shake their head or paw at the person with the smoke in an attempt to make them stop. This could be accompanied by sneezing or gagging.

Cannabis and Dogs – What to Do?

No matter what you may have heard, the best thing for your pet and pot is to keep the two as far away from each other as possible. Here are a few tips to follow if you think your dog has been around marijuana:

    • Seek medical attention immediately. If you think your pet has ingested marijuana, contact your veterinarian right away to get it treated.



    • Keep your pet away from marijuana. This goes without saying, but it bears repeating. Do not let your pet near any marijuana, regardless of whether it is lit, smoked, or otherwise.


Smoking marijuana around a pet can be dangerous, and blowing it into their ear can be just as bad. If you want to keep your pet safe and healthy, it is always best to keep marijuana away from them completely.

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