can domestic rabbits breed with wild rabbits

Can Domestic Rabbits Breed With Wild Rabbits?

Domestic rabbits and wild rabbits are two different species due to distinct evolutionary pathways. The two species, even if they lived in the same geographic area, rarely, if ever, interbreed because of very different mating habits and preferences.

The Differences Between Domestic and Wild Rabbits

Domestic rabbits are breeds that were developed by humans through selective breeding. They differ from their wild cousins in several ways such as size, color, temperament and habits. Domestic rabbits are usually much larger than wild rabbits, with longer ears and coats. They are usually docile, easy to handle and have a more widespread combination of colors.

Wild rabbits, on the other hand, are smaller and visibly more nervous than their domestic counterparts. They have shorter ears and a majority of them have a sandy-brown color to better blend in with natural environments. Wild rabbits will usually avoid human contact and are difficult to be around due to their shy and scared behavior.

The Breeding Habits of Wild and Domestic Rabbits

Domestic rabbits and wild rabbits have different mating habits as well. Domestic rabbits tend to form monogamous pairs and breed rapidly, with litters of up to 12 offspring being common. Most rabbits are a year old when they reach sexual maturity, and it is recommended that they are spayed or neutered at this age.

Wild rabbits breed much slower and tend to form larger mating colonies. They are ready to start mating at the age of 6 months, but their breeding season depends heavily on their environment, with spring and summer being the most fruitful. Wild rabbits generally bear less offspring than their domestic counterparts.

Can Domestic and Wild Rabbits Cross-Breed?

The answer is no, with very few, if any, exceptions. Domestic rabbits and wild rabbits are two very different species that don’t often share the same habitat. Even if they did there would be almost no chance of them interbreeding due to the differences between their mating habits and behavior.

Furthermore, due to their different breeding cycles and that mating between species is known to produce weaker offspring, interbreeding between the two is generally not recommended.


Domestic rabbits and wild rabbits, although related, are different species with different behavior, and this makes cross-breeding between them impossible. It is not recommended to attempt interbreeding anyway, as it rarely produces sturdy young and it can lead to a decrease in gene pool health.

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