can dwarf hamsters drink out of a bowl

Can Dwarf Hamsters Drink Out of a Bowl?

Dwarf hamsters are unique and fascinating pets. Knowing about the way that these creatures live and the best ways to take care of them can help you have a happy and health hamster.

The Benefits of Bowls

Bowls can be great for hamsters to drink out of as they:

  • Are easier to clean than bottles
  • Are resistant to bacteria and dirt build-up
  • Require no additional parts or pieces, like tubing
  • Prevent air bubbles from forming in the water

These are just a few of the reasons why bowls should be considered as an option for a dwarf hamster’s water.

The Drawbacks of Bowls

However, there are also some drawbacks to using bowls for drinking.

  • Bowls can easily be tipped and spilled, creating messes
  • Hamsters can easily kick litter and bedding into the bowl, dirtying it
  • The bowl can be difficult for older and arthritic dwarf hamsters to get into, or for younger hamsters who cannot climb steps
  • The bowl needs to be cleaned and filled frequently, which can be difficult with a cage full of accessories and other items

The Bottom Line

When it comes to deciding if a bowl can be used for drinking, the answer is yes. The key is to choose a heavy bowl that your hamster cannot easily tip and to keep the bowl free of debris and litter. Once these things are done, it is possible for a dwarf hamster to drink out of a bowl.

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