can frogs come up through drains

Can Frogs Come Up Through Drains?

Have you ever wondered if the legend of frogs coming up through household drains is true – is it really possible? Here, we’ll take a look at the evidence to find out.

Can Frogs Fit Through Drains?

The size of a typical drainage pipe makes it seem feasible that a frog could climb up from the sewer; however, in reality, most are far too small for a frog to fit through. The narrow pipes leave very little to no room for a frog to fit through, let alone climb their way up.

Provide Access To Water

Frogs need access to water; therefore, if there is a plumbing leak or a flooding problem in the house, a frog may find its way into the property. Since frogs prefer to live close to some source of water, this may be the most likely way they enter the home.

Finally, The Evidence

So what is the evidence to support frogs coming up through drains? There have been few documented cases of frogs entering properties through the drainage pipes. It appears to be a total myth.

In reality, frogs look for wet and humid places and will use cracks in walls, open windows and other small openings to enter your home.

The bottom line is frogs can find their way inside your home, however, it is highly unlikely that they come up from the drains.

Prevention & Control Methods To Avoid Unwanted Frogs

If you’re looking for a way to prevent&control unwanted frogs from entering your home, your best option is to:

  • Inspect your house for possible points of entry. Look for any cracks in windows, doors, and walls, and seal them up.
  • Make sure your house is as dry as possible. Fix any plumbing leaks to help decrease the amount of moisture in your house.
  • Keep your garden clear of standing water. Do regular checks of your garden and drain any standing water if you find it accumulating.

In conclusion, it is not a myth that frogs can get into the house, but the idea of them coming up through the drains is highly unlikely. The best measures to take are prevention and control methods to avoid unwanted animals from invading your property.

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