can frogs come up your toilet

Can frogs come up your toilet?

Have you ever been in a restroom and heard a strange noise coming from the toilet – then you may be wondering if frogs could be coming up from your toilet.

Frogs can actually travel up sewer pipes to make it into your home, through the toilet and in some rare cases, into the bathtub. But this doesn’t happen often enough for you to need to be worried about them crawling through your bathroom every time you go.

Why the fear of Frogs in the toilet?

The fear of frogs coming out of the toilet drains into our homes can come from horror movies, folklore or rumor. And while it has been known to occur, it isn’t a common occurrence.

Frogs are actually quite strong and can make it into a home when sewage moves around pipes that lead up to the home, either through a toilet or some other opening.

What can you do if a frog appears in your Toilet or Bathroom?

If you do find yourself in a position where you spot a frog in your bathroom, here are a few tips on how to proceed:

  • Don’t panic. Take a deep breath and remain calm. You will be able to get the frog out without any harm to it or yourself.
  • Check the bathtub or toilet. Look around the perimeter to see if the frog has come up through the pipes or drain.
  • Pick up the frog carefully Use a cup, a piece of cardboard, or your hands to pick up the frog gently and relocate it outside.

In conclusion, while it isn’t common, frogs have been known to make their way up through plumbing and into your home. If you do find yourself with a frog in your bathroom, you can use the tips above to help you safely remove and relocate it.

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