Can Gerbils Climb Up Vertical Tubes


Gerbils Can Climb Up Vertical Tubes

Can Gerbils Climb Up Vertical Tubes Gerbils are small, energetic rodents, known for being often kept as pets. While we are used to seeing gerbils running along the bottom of their tanks or cages, it’s worth asking to what extent gerbils can climb. An interesting question is whether gerbils can climb up a vertical tube in a tank.

Can Gerbils Climb Vertical Tubes?

The answer is yes, gerbils are able to climb vertical tubes. A gerbil’s ability to climb is greatly aided by its long, strong claws and its tail, which helps with balance as it climbs. Gerbils have a couple of advantages over domesticated cats, who also have claws and a tail, but gerbils are significantly lighter and have additional grip, making them particularly adept at clinging to and getting up tubes.

What Materials Can Gerbils Climb?

Gerbils can climb a range of materials, from smooth, slippery surfaces, such as plastic and glass, to rougher, more textured surfaces such as wood and metal. The thicker and sturdier a material, the easier it is for a gerbil to climb, as this provides them with small crevices for their claws to grip onto.

Using Vertical Tubes with Gerbils

Gerbils can be encouraged to climb tubes by providing levels of support in the form of:

    • Sturdier tubes: Such as those made with hard plastic.


    • Textured walls: Promote better grip.


    • Regular access: Including ladders made from wood or sturdy string to help the gerbil make its way up.


    • Plenty of food: Place food at the top of the tube to encourage gerbils to climb it.


To conclude, yes, gerbils certainly can climb up vertical tubes. They have the necessary running and climbing skills, and as long as they have plenty of support they’ll be more than able to remain active in an enclosure.

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