Can Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Play Together


Can Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Play Together?

Can Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Play Together Just like humans, many animals enjoy playing with one another. While some species make for better companions than others, it can be difficult to know if two certain animals can get along and play together safely.

In this article, we’ll explain if guinea pigs and hamsters can play together, as well as discuss the different considerations of keeping them both as pets.

Can Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Play Together?

Although guinea pigs and hamsters are both small mammals commonly kept as pets, they may not be able to play together.

This is largely due to the fact that they come from different species and do not recognize each other as play companions. Guinea pigs and hamsters are also of different sizes, with guinea pigs being significantly larger.

Additionally, guinea pigs often perceive hamsters as a potential predator, and hamsters may be intimidated by larger animals or unfamiliar smells.

Considerations for Keeping Guinea Pigs and Hamsters as Pets Together

If you want to keep guinea pigs and hamsters as pets, there are a few things to consider first:

    • Habitat: Both guinea pigs and hamsters need their own habitat, as they require different housing requirements.


    • Companionship: Guinea pigs are social animals that need other guinea pig companionship, while hamsters do best when kept alone.


    • Food: Guinea pigs and hamsters have different nutritional needs, so you’ll need to provide different food and treats for each of them.


    • Noise: Guinea pigs and hamsters both emit chirps and squeals, which can disrupt the other pet’s peace and quiet.


It is also important to keep an eye on the animals while they are together and always supervise any interaction to ensure their safety.


Guinea pigs and hamsters are both popular small pets, but they may not be able to play together due to their different species, sizes, and perceived threats.

However, if you want to keep them both, you can do so with proper planning and preparation. Be sure to set up separate cages and provide each pet with their own food and supplies. Most importantly, always provide supervision when they are in the same space.

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