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can guinea pigs and rabbits live together

Can Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Live Together?

The idea of keeping two different types of animals can be daunting, especially when those two animals are guinea pigs and rabbits. Before putting these two animals in the same cage, it is important to consider their behavior and size difference.

Temperament of Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

In terms of temperament, guinea pigs and rabbits have different needs. Guinea pigs are normally calmer, while rabbits are typically more active and energetic. The rabbit’s hopping, jumping and exploring nature can quickly overwhelm the more timid guinea pig.

In order to keep both animals safe and happy, it is important that you provide a space large enough for both of them to live comfortably.

Size of Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

Another important factor to consider when looking into keeping guinea pigs and rabbits together is their size. Rabbits, depending on the breed, can be almost double the size of your average guinea pig. This can be dangerous for your guinea pig as the larger rabbit can accidentally hurt or crowd the smaller guinea pig.


In conclusion, guinea pigs and rabbits can potentially live together, however it is essential to properly prepare and plan before bringing any animals into a living space. Consider their size and temperament before trying to put them together and make sure they have a space large enough to accommodate both. If handled correctly, guinea pigs and rabbits can happily live together in harmony.

Things to consider before putting a guinea pig and rabbit together:

  • Temperament of the two animals
  • Size difference between the two animals
  • Provide enough space for both animals to live comfortably

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