Can Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Live Together


Can Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Live Together?

Guinea pigs and rabbits make for some of the most common and diverse companion pets available. Given their enjoyability and the fact that they do similar things, people sometimes wonder if guinea pigs and rabbits can live together.

What Do Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Have in Common?

In terms of their physical characteristics, guinea pigs and rabbits are fairly similar:

    • Size –Both animals usually grow to around the same size.


    • Fur –Both animals typically have similar fur colors.


    • Activity Levels –Both guinea pigs and rabbits are typically active for about the same amount of time in a day.


Are Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Compatible?

Despite having similar characteristics and behaviors, guinea pigs and rabbits cannot live together. In terms of their social needs, guinea pigs and rabbits have some noticeable differences that set them apart.

    • Personality –Rabbits tend to be much more social than guinea pigs. They will often be territorial to other animals, while guinea pigs are usually friendly to their own kind.


    • Habitat Preference –Guinea pigs are more comfortable in small enclosures and need their own space. Rabbits prefer larger enclosures, so they can roam around and explore.


    • Health Concerns –Rabbits can carry discoriasis, a parasite that can make guinea pigs very ill. So, it is important to keep rabbits and guinea pigs away from one another.


In conclusion, it is best to keep guinea pigs and rabbits separated. They have different personalities and needs, so it is important to give each of them the environment that best fits their personalities and preferences.

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