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can guinea pigs eat nuts

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Nuts?

It is commonly thought that guinea pigs may not eat nuts, but this is not entirely true. Nuts can be a part of their diet in moderation, but there are certain types that should be avoided.

Types Of Nuts Guinea Pigs Can Eat

  • Unsalted, plain and de-shelled peanuts
  • Unsalted and plain cashews
  • Unsalted and plain sunflower seeds
  • Unsalted and plain pumpkin seeds
  • Unsalted and plain walnuts

These nuts provide nutritional benefits in small amounts and can be a tasty treat for your guinea pig.

Types Of Nuts Guinea Pigs Should Avoid

  • Macadamia and pistachio nuts. They are high in fat and are very hard to digest by guinea pigs.
  • Peanuts with additives or flavourings. These contain too much sodium and sugar, which can lead to health problems.
  • Almonds. They have a high fat content, which can cause digestive problems in guinea pigs.

It is important to remember that guinea pigs should only eat nuts in small amounts, as they are not a staple of their diet.


In conclusion, guinea pigs can eat some types of nuts but avoid others. Nuts can be a part of their diet in moderation, but it is important to limit the amount to avoid health issues.

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