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can guinea pigs have potatoes

Can Guinea Pigs Have Potatoes?

When it comes to guinea pigs and potatoes, this is not a combination that most would expect to see. However, potatoes are in fact a healthy snack that can occasionally be served to guinea pigs.

Health Benefits

Giving potatoes to guinea pigs can provide some beneficial vitamins and minerals. Potatoes offer vitamin C, copper, zinc, phosphorus and essential fatty acids. All of these have proven health benefits that guinea pigs can utilize.

Serving Guidelines

It is important to follow the proper steps for serving potatoes and other vegetables to guinea pigs. Here are some basic guidelines to remember:

  • Clean the vegetable thoroughly, ensuring the dangerous bacteria is removed.
  • Cut the potato into small bite-sized pieces for the guinea pig. This removes the potential choking hazard.
  • Do not give raw potatoes. Guinea pigs are unable to digest raw potatoes, and they can cause serious harm.
  • Provide no more than 1 teaspoon of potato per day. Too much of this snack could lead to malnourishment.


Guinea pigs can enjoy potatoes when served in a responsible manner. However, potatoes should never be relied upon as the sole source of dietary nutrition. Please take the time to research what are the best foods to give your pet guinea pig.

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