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Can Guinea Pigs Swim?

Are you looking to add a guinea pig to your family, but not sure if they would enjoy swimming? A common myth is that guinea pigs cannot swim, but that’s not necessarily true. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about guinea pigs and swimming.

Do Guinea Pigs Naturally Swim?

No, guinea pigs do not naturally swim. Most guinea pigs have a strong sense of self-preservation, so they are unlikely to simply jump into a swimming pool. However, it is possible to teach a guinea pig to swim, with plenty of patience and a bit of effort.

Is It Safe To Teach a Guinea Pig To Swim?

Yes, it can be safe to teach a guinea pig to swim. But it is important to be very cautious. You should never force a guinea pig to go into the water. Be sure to start with a shallow pool and slowly increase the depth as your guinea pig gains confidence. Never leave your guinea pig unattended in the water, and always use a life jacket or other flotation device for extra safety.

Benefits of Swimming for Guinea Pigs

In addition to being fun for your guinea pig, there are some health benefits to swimming for guinea pigs. It can help build muscle and increase cardiovascular endurance. Swimming may also help your guinea pig stay cool in hot weather without having to endure a painful hair cut.

Tips For Teaching Your Guinea Pig To Swim

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when teaching your guinea pig to swim:

  • Start Slow: Don’t rush your guinea pig into the water. Start with a shallow pool and slowly increase the depth over time.
  • Introduce Your Guinea Pig To Water: Let your guinea pig explore the pool area with its feet and sniff around so they feel comfortable.
  • Encourage Your Guinea Pig: Talk to your guinea pig in reassuring tones, and offer treats as a reward for getting into the water.
  • Never Leave Them Unattended: Always stay close when your guinea pig is in the water, and keep a watchful eye for signs of distress.


Guinea pigs can learn to swim, though it is not a natural ability for them. With proper care and caution, you can help your guinea pig learn to swim and enjoy the fun and health benefits it can offer.

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