can hamsters and mice live together

Can Hamsters and Mice Live Together?

It is not recommended to house hamsters and mice together, as the two species have different needs and can potentially harm each other. In the wild, since their habitats largely overlap, you might think these two species can live in close proximity; however, when held in captivity as pets, it’s advised that they be kept apart.

Behavioral Differences

Hamsters and mice are different in many ways. Hamsters are loners, while mice are social creatures and enjoy living in groups. Hamsters typically prefer to live alone and get stressed when caged with other animals. Mice, on the other hand, can get depressed and lonely when separated from other rodents and need companionship.

Size Difference

More important than their temperament is the size difference between hamsters and mice. Hamsters are much larger than mice, and therefore, a larger animal can easily attack and harm a smaller one, even if it has no intention of doing so.


Hamsters and mice also have different dietary needs. Hamsters eat a much higher level of protein than mice do, so if the two species are housed together, the mouse might not receive enough nutrition and can develop a deficiency. Additionally, mice are known to hoard food, which could deprive the hamster of food in the cage.


For all these reasons, it is not recommended to house hamsters and mice together. If you wish to keep both species as pets, it is best to put them in separate cages and provide each one with a suitable diet and appropriate environment.

The bottom line is that hamsters and mice require different levels of care and should not be kept together in a cage. Doing so can put both animals at risk of injury or even death.

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