can hamsters be potty trained

Can Hamsters Be Potty Trained?

Hamsters are cute and social little rodents, often kept as pets. But did you know that they can also be potty trained? While it may take a bit of effort, hamsters can be taught to go potty in designated areas.

Understanding Your Hamster

The most important part of potty training a hamster is understanding your pet’s natural habits. Hamsters tend to use the same areas in their habitats as potty spots, so it’s important to pick up and clean those areas often. This will help your hamster learn where it should go potty.

Training Your Hamster

Once you understand where your hamster likes to go potty, you can encourage them to use these same spots. You can do so by:

  • Rewarding them – A little treat or special snack every time your hamster pees in the appropriate spot can help reinforce this behavior.
  • Getting creative – Some hamster owners even train their hamsters with a clicker, similar to how you would train a dog. When your hamster goes potty in the right area, click and reward!
  • Using positive reinforcement – Praising and cuddling your hamster can also help encourage them to pee in the right area.

Potty Training Tips

Along with training your hamster, there are a few things you can do to ensure potty training success:

  • Keep your hamster’s enclosure clean – this will encourage your hamster to pee in the designated areas.
  • Avoid sudden changes in the environment – sudden environment changes can cause your hamster to go potty in the wrong areas.
  • Reduce stress – if your hamster is feeling extra stressed, this can cause them to have potty accidents.


Potty training a hamster may take some effort and patience, but it is definitely possible. With the right understanding and training, you can help your pet learn good potty habits.

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