can hamsters cry

Can Hamsters Cry?

Hamsters are undeniably cute and friendly small mammals. While they seem to be in endless good spirits and full of energy, one might wonder: can they feel sad? Do they cry like humans?

Do Hamsters Feel Sad?

Yes, it’s possible for hamsters to feel down or unhappy like any other creature. However, they will not express it in the same way humans do. Hamsters can not cry tears because they lack tear ducts. Nonetheless, they will still display signs of sadness.

Signs of Sadness or Discomfort in Hamsters

  • Lethargy: Hamsters will become very inactive when they are sick, tired, or simply feeling glum. They might not leave their bedding or hide more than usual and their food intake will decrease.
  • Aggression: A hamster that is not feeling upbeat can lash out and become aggressive. This is not typical behavior for them and should be looked into if it occurs.
  • Excessive Grooming: When a hamster feels stressed, they may start to groom themselves a lot more than usual. This is their way of relieving anxiety, much like a cat or dog.

How to Bring a Hamster Out of a Sad Spell

Hamsters are by nature energetic animals, so in these instances all you need to do is provide an activity that will bring some fun into their life. Here are a few ideas:

  • Playtime: Let your hamster out of the cage and let him explore in a safe environment. Examples of activities to try include providing them with items like toilet tube tunnels, cardboard boxes, and hay bales to play with.
  • Socializing: Find them a companion or playmate if they are a solitary creature. Bears can benefit greatly from this, but make sure they are of the same type and size.
  • Treats: Give your hamster some of their favorite treats, such as nuts, fruits, or vegetables. Even better, provide your hamster with some healthy, low-sugar snacks like apples, carrots, or green peppers.


Can hamsters cry? No, they are unable to produce tears. Though, it is entirely possible for them to feel sad and uncomfortable. To combat this, make sure to give them plenty of playtime and social time, as well as some healthy treats to munch on.

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