Can Hamsters Drink Cold Water


Can Hamsters Drink Cold Water?

There is often a debate among new hamster owners as to whether their pets can drink cold water. The good news is that hamsters can drink cold water and it can actually have a number of benefits.

Benefits Of Cold Water For Hamsters

Drinking cold water can provide a number of positive benefits for your hamster:

  • It prevents dehydration – hamsters, like other animals, can become dehydrated in hot weather, or if they don’t get enough water in their diet. Cold water can help prevent this from happening.
  • It can cool them off – similarly, when there is hot weather, a refresh of cold water can help cool your hamster down and make them more comfortable.
  • It can reduce the risk of other health problems – drinking cold water can help clean your hamster’s digestive system and improve their overall health.

How to Provide Cold Water

To ensure that your hamster gets the benefits of cold water, it is important to provide them with cold water on a regular basis. The best way to do this is to put some cold water in a bowl or container and place it near your hamster’s cage.

Once the water is in the bowl, it should be regularly changed to ensure that your hamster is drinking fresh and clean water each time. If you don’t keep your hamster’s water cold, it can become stale, which can lead to health problems.


Overall, it is safe for hamsters to drink cold water and can provide a number of benefits. To ensure that your hamster is getting the best water, make sure to check it regularly and change it as necessary.

Your hamster will be much healthier if they have regular access to cold water, so make sure that they have a bowl or container of cold water near their cage.

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