can hamsters eat guinea pig food

Can Hamsters Eat Guinea Pig Food?

Hamsters and guinea pigs are both small, rodent-like animals that are enjoyable to own as pets. As such, many owners of either may wonder, “Can hamsters eat guinea pig food?”

Nutritional Differences between Hamsters and Guinea Pigs

The answer is not a categorical yes or no, but more complex. Hamsters and guinea pigs have nutritional differences, and therefore require different diets.


  • have higher protein and fat requirements
  • require greater amounts of fresh food
  • produce more body heat
  • have higher Vitamin C needs

Guinea Pigs

  • have greater vitamin needs
  • benefits from a greater variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • require a high fiber diet

In general, guinea pig food is not the best choice for hamsters. Formulated for guinea pigs, it does not provide the levels of nutrition needed for hamsters to thrive.

Guinea Pig Food and Hamsters- What You Can Do

With that said, in a pinch, you can feed your hamster guinea pig food. As a treat, it is perfectly safe and could provide your pet with additional fiber. However, this food should not be used as a staple diet.

To properly provide for your hamster’s nutritional needs, you will want to feed them a high quality, Hamster-specific food. Make sure its labeled for hamsters, and avoid food formulated for other animals.


Hamsters and guinea pigs have different nutritional needs- so therefore the answer to whether hamsters can eat guinea pig food is complicated. Guinea pig food is not the best choice- but can occasionally be used as a treat in place of a hamster specific pellets.

With the right diet, you ensure your hamster will stay healthy and happy.

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