can hamsters eat orange

Can Hamsters Eat Orange?

Hamsters are one of the cutest tiny animals as a pet. But as owners, they also have to consider whether they can give their tiny furry friends some human food. Today, we will talk about “Can hamsters eat orange?”

Is it safe for hamsters to eat oranges?

Yes, fortunately, hamsters can eat oranges with no problem. This citrus fruit provides essential Vitamin C and is an excellent source of fiber for your hamsters. Orange skin is edible for hamsters and is a healthy treat for them.

How much orange can a hamster eat?

But wait, even though oranges are ok for hamsters, we still need to be careful about the amount they eat. A tablespoon of oranges is enough for a hamster’s single meal. The rest of the food should be their regular hamster food.

How to feed a hamster orange?

Here are some tips to help you feed a hamster orange:

  • Wash: Make sure to wash the oranges thoroughly before feeding them to your hamster.
  • Remove Seeds : Bees and orange seeds can be dangerous to hamsters, so they should always be removed from the oranges.
  • Make it small: Orange pieces should be cut into small pieces for easier consumption for your hamster.
  • Monitor: Pay attention to your hamster’s behavior after feeding to ensure that they are safe and healthy.


To wrap it up, hamsters can safely eat oranges as part of their diet. It’s important to be careful about the amount, size, and preparation of the oranges. With some patience and care, your furry friend can enjoy the delicious oranges with no problem!

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