can hamsters get fleas

Can Hamsters Get Fleas?

Hamsters are cute and lovable, however unfortunately they can get fleas. Yes, fleas can live on hamsters, just like cats and dogs. Although you may not think of hamsters as hosts for fleas, they can get them from their environments.

Signs and Symptoms of Fleas in Hamsters

If your hamster has fleas you’ll want to treat it right away. Here are some signs and symptoms of fleas in hamsters:

  • Scratching. Your hamster may scratch excessively, due to the flea bites.
  • Excessive Grooming. If your hamster is constantly grooming, they may have fleas.
  • Tiny Black Specks. You may see tiny black specs on your hamster’s fur, which can be fleas.
  • Skin Lesions. Your hamster may develop skin lesions due to excessive scratching and flea bites.

How to Treat Fleas in Your Hamster

If fleas are found on your hamster, it is important to treat them as soon as possible. Here are some ways to treat fleas on your hamster:

  • Veterinarian-prescribed flea treatment. Your veterinarian can prescribe a flea treatment that is safe for your hamster.
  • Spot on flea treatments. There are spot on flea treatments available for your hamster. Be sure to follow the directions closely.
  • Environmental Treatment. It is important to treat your hamster’s environment as well. Be sure to vacuum or sweep the area, as well as wash their bedding.


In conclusion, fleas can live on hamsters. It is important to watch for signs and symptoms of fleas and treat them as soon as possible. Be sure to seek advice from your veterinarian to ensure your hamster is getting the best treatment.

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