can hamsters have strawberries

Can Hamsters Have Strawberries?

Hamsters are adorably cute, curious and cuddly, and as such are one of the most popular small pet choices. They are omnivorous creatures, so they can eat both meat and plants. While the primary part of their diet consists of products specifically designed for their nutritional needs, some treats can be added in small quantities, such as fruits or vegetables.

Is it Safe to Give Strawberries to Hamsters?

Many owners wonder if strawberries are safe for their beloved hammies, and the answer is yes. Strawberries are an ideal treat for various species of hamster as they are a source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making them a healthy and irresistible snack.

In general, strawberries should be offered to hamsters in very small quantities, limited to 1 – 2 strawberry slices per week. This is to avoid complications associated with excess sugar intake.

How to Safely Feed Strawberries to Your Hamster

When giving strawberries to hamsters, you should always clean and remove any leaves from the fruit and, most importantly, make sure to wash them thoroughly in warm and soapy water. This will help avoid any potential diseases transmitting from the outside world to your pet.

Additionally, you should never attempt to feed soft and overripe strawberries to your hamster due to the high risk of choking and stomach upset.

Benefits of Feeding Strawberries to Hamsters

Apart from the fact that they are tasty treats and a source of much needed vitamins and minerals, here is a list of a few other benefits of feeding strawberries to your Hamster:

  • Help with dental issues – Strawberries contain some folic acid which can help hamsters keep their teeth healthy and strong and it also fights off certain gum diseases.
  • Aids digestion – Strawberries contain fiber that helps digest food and prevents constipation.
  • Immune system stimulant – Strawberries contain vitamin C which stimulates the production of white blood cells and antibacterial action.
  • Good for skin – Strawberries are packed with antioxidants that help maintain healthy and good looking skin.


To conclude, if fed in small and adequate quantities and if properly cleaned, strawberries can be a healthy and tasty treat for your hamster. However, it is important to remember that strawberries should complement a diet, not substitute it and that is why you should primarily focus on providing your hamster with small pet specific food and vegetables.

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