can hamsters sweat

Can Hamsters Sweat?

Whether hamsters can sweat, like humans do, is still a matter of debate. While their bodies generate enough heat to warrant the need for sweat glands, researchers have not come to a definite conclusion yet.

Evidence for Sweat Production

Hamsters do generate heat, so it’s likely that their bodies would also produce sweat under the right conditions. Here are some arguments for sweat production in hamsters:

  • Eyesight: Hamsters have dark eyes, which allow them to stay cool in hot climates.
  • Behavior: When they are hot, hamsters will often move to a cooler area or stretch out in the shade. This might be their way of sweating.
  • Skin texture: The texture of a hamster’s skin is similar to that of a human, with a few layers of fur over the skin. It’s possible that the fur absorbs sweat and the skin has glands to produce it.

Evidence Against Sweat Production

However, some researchers argue against sweat production in hamsters. Here are some arguments against it:

  • Adaptations: Hamsters have adapted to hot climates by developing thick fur coats that help keep them cool. This adaptation may not require sweat production.
  • Temperature control: Hamsters have an efficient internal temperature control system that kicks in when their body gets too hot. They can even go into a deep sleep, known as torpor, to cool their body down without sweating.
  • Body size: Hamsters are small animals and their bodies don’t generate enough heat to warrant the need for sweat glands.


At this point, the answer to whether hamsters can sweat is still uncertain. More research is needed to determine if hamsters possess sweat glands and whether they produce sweat.

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