can hedgehogs dig

Can Hedgehogs Dig?

Hedgehogs are definitely not known for their excavation skills. In notable contrast to animals such as groundhogs, foxes, and moles, hedgehogs do not have a habit of burrowing.

Adaptations For Digging

Animals that are excellent excavators usually have an adaptation in their anatomy. Like rabbits, these animals may have fur-lined pouch on the inside of their front legs that make digging easy. Groundhogs have five curved claws and mice have soft, delicate paws.

Hedgehogs and Burrows

Hedgehogs lack some of the key physical characteristics associated with burrowing, so they don’t really dig. That said, they are great at finding existing tunnels or shallow spaces to hide in. Hedgehogs love to make their beds in a wide variety of places, including burrows. It’s entirely possible that they are using these burrows as their own, but they’re probably not excavating themselves.

Where To Find Hedgehogs

So if hedgehogs don’t dig, where do they live?

  • Decomposing Logs: Hedgehogs often make their home in decomposing logs and other softwood debris.
  • Under Rocks: Hedgehogs may also make their house under rocks and logs.
  • Tree Roots: Tree roots are a popular hedgehog hiding spot.
  • Meadows and Grassland: In meadows and grassland, hedgehogs may take up residence in abandoned animal burrows.

Hedgehogs will find ready-made homes to sleep in, but they rarely make them themselves. Despite their sharp claws and relatively large size, hedgehogs are not built to dig.

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