can hedgehogs have bananas

Can Hedgehogs Have Bananas?

It’s well known how much hedgehogs love to eat. But is it safe for the spiny mammals to indulge in the classic summer fruit, the banana? The answer is yes, in small quantities.

Benefits of Bananas for Hedgehogs

Banana is a surprisingly beneficial snack for hedgehogs, as it contains vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres. When given in small amounts, bananas are a great treat to supplement their dry cat food as they provide:

  • Vitamin B6: For healthy nerve, skin, and eye function.
  • Vitamin C: Great for immune system health.
  • Manganese: Essential for metabolic processes.
  • Potassium: Important mineral for maintaining hydration and electrolyte balance.

Risks of Bananas for Hedgehogs

As with any food, too much of a good thing for hedgehogs can be unhealthy. While the occasional snack of banana can be beneficial for their health, too much banana can result in obesity and digestive upset. This is because bananas are high in sugar and lack the fat, protein and other nutrients that hedgehogs need for a balanced diet. Bananas are also difficult to digest, so it is important to keep the portion size to a minimum.


In conclusion, it is safe for hedgehogs to have bananas as a treat, but it is important to practice moderation and to ensure that the hedgehogs are getting the nutrients that they need from their daily intake of dry cat food.

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