Can Hedgehogs Live Together


Can Hedgehogs Live Together?

The answer to this question is largely dependent on the individual personality of your pet hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are highly social animals and may cohabitate well together, however certain personality traits and incompatible sexes can contribute to conflict. Before considering sharing your pet hedgehog’s home with others, here are a few things to consider:

Opposite Sexes

Male and female hedgehogs should never be housed together as a pair, as this will often lead to mating and pregnancy. Spaying or neutering your pet hedgehog may help with reducing unwanted mating behavior.


When introducing two hedgehogs to each other, it is important to make sure the two get along. It is best to introduce them slowly, first allowing them to spend time in a neutral environment and then introducing supervised visits. If any signs of aggression arise during the introduction, it is best to keep them housed separately.

Age and Health

It is important to house hedgehogs of a similar age together and make sure they are both in good health before introducing them. Younger and senior hedgehogs may be easily overpowered by larger, more dominant ones. Additionally, health problems such as mites can spread quickly among a group of hedgehogs, so it is important to make sure your hedgehog is free from parasites before pairing them with a companion.

Once you have checked all of the above factors, your pet hedgehog may make a great companion for another pet hedgehog. Here are some of the benefits of housing hedgehogs together:

    • Social Contact – In the wild, hedgehogs travel in groups and slow loners can benefit from social interaction with their own kind.
    • Playtime Activities – Hedgehogs may play together, running and chasing each other in their enclosure.
    • Mental Stimulation – Sharing an enclosure can provide additional mental stimulation to keep your pet hedgehog entertained.


In conclusion, can hedgehogs live together? Yes, with the right preparation and introduction, two hedgehogs may successfully share a living space. However, it is important to note that the suitability of having two hedgehogs together largely depends on the individual personality traits of your pets. Therefore, careful consideration must be taken when making this decision.

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