Can Lionhead Rabbits Live Outside


Can Lionhead Rabbits Live Outdoors?

Many people may be surprised to find out that, despite their small size, many breed of domestic rabbits can actually survive if left outdoors. The Lionhead rabbit is no exception. This breed of rabbit is quite hardy and can usually survive living outside for part or all of the time.

The Pros of Keeping a Lionhead Rabbit Outdoors


    • No need to worry about litter tray training, as rabbits will use the area around their hutch to relieve themselves


    • More space available in which they can jumping, running and play around


    • Opportunity to graze on fresh grass, which aids digestion and keeps their fur in good condition


    • More opportunity to explore and find new things


The Cons of Keeping a Lionhead Rabbit Outdoors


    • No protection from predators such as foxes, birds of prey and cats


    • Access to fresh vegetation is limited, so a balanced diet should be provided


    • They are exposed to the elements, meaning they can get too hot or cold in extreme weather


    • The hutch must be kept dry and well-ventilated, to avoid the build-up of bacteria and parasites



Overall, keeping a Lionhead rabbit outdoors can be beneficial to their development, as they are a sociable breed of animal. As long as appropriate safety measures are taken and their environment is properly managed, the Lionhead rabbit can live happily outdoors.

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