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Can Prairie Dogs Be Pets


Can Prairie Dogs Be Pets?

Prairie dogs are a not so commonly thought of pet. They are small, cute rodents that can be a great addition to the family. Here we look at whether these animals can be kept as pets.

What Is a Prairie Dog?

A prairie dog is a rodent native to North America. They live in groups and dig their burrows in the ground. They have small bodies that are covered with a light-brown colored fur. Prairie dogs have a good memory, are smart, and can make great pets if given the right care.

Advantages of Keeping a Prairie Dog as a Pet

There are some advantages to keeping a prairie dog as a pet.

    • Cute: Prairie dogs are incredibly adorable, with their small size and friendly nature.


    • Intelligent: Prairie dogs are very intelligent and can learn tricks, like a dog.


    • Social Animals: They are social animals and will get along with other pets and people.


    • Low Maintenance: As long as you have enough space for them to burrow and play in, prairie dogs don’t require a lot of extra care.


Disadvantages of Keeping a Prairie Dog as a Pet

There are some disadvantages in keeping prairie dogs as pets as well.

    • Noise: Prairie dogs can make a lot of noise, especially when they’re excited or when they want to play.


    • Time: Prairie dogs can be quite demanding and need a lot of attention and playtime.


    • Cost: Prairie dogs are not cheap animals and can be expensive to buy, house and care for.


    • Illegal: In some states, it is even illegal to keep prairie dogs as pets.



Prairie dogs can be entertaining and interesting pets to keep. However, they require a lot of time and attention, as well as a large space to roam and play in. Additionally, they may not be legal to keep as pets in some areas. Before getting a prairie dog, make sure you understand the pros and cons of keeping one as a pet and that you can provide the right care and environment for the animal.

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