can rabbits control their poop

Can Rabbits Control Their Poop?

Rabbits are excellent coprophagic animals, meaning that they eat their own feces for nutrient and vitamin requirements. But do rabbits have any control over their poop? The answer is both yes and no.

When Rabbits Can Control Their Poop

Rabbits can control where and when they go to the bathroom. Here are some ways that rabbits can show control over their pooping:

  • Hiding: Rabbits like to hide their waste, so they often use corners, under furniture and behind plants to do their business.
  • Triggers: Rabbits can recognize certain noises or movements that act as triggers to go and eliminate.
  • Routine: Rabbits will establish a routine to poop and urinate, which can be an important part of potty-training.

When Rabbits Can’t Control Their Poop

There are certain times when a rabbit cannot control their poop. For example, when a rabbit is under stress, it will lose its control over where and when it poops. Other factors that might influence a rabbit’s lack of control over its poop might include pain, illness, and a change in its diet or environment.


To summarize, rabbits can control where and when they poop, but certain external factors may cause them to lose control. Like any pet, rabbits need a regular environment and routine, as well as plenty of love and attention, in order to stay healthy and happy.

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