can rabbits drink out of bowls

Can Rabbits Drink from Bowls?

Rabbits are the adorable and beloved pets of many people, and taking proper care of them is essential. One important part of caring for rabbits is providing them with access to clean drinking water. While some people allow their rabbits to drink out of shallow bowls, is this really the best option for your bunny?

Pros of Allowing Rabbits to Drink from Bowls

  • Convenience – Allowing rabbits to drink out of bowls is very convenient, as it is much easier to fill the bowl than it is to fill the water bottle they would otherwise use.
  • Easier Access to Water – Drink bowls allow rabbits to continually drink water, as opposed to having to rely on their humans to effectively fill their water bottle.

Cons of Allowing Rabbits to Drink from Bowls

  • Bacteria Growth – Bowls are much more likely to become contaminated with bacteria, especially when rabbits are drinking from them.
  • Algae Growth – Continually exposing the water to light will often cause algae to grow in the bowl.
  • Everyday Chores – The bowl must be often washed and refilled each day to prevent bacteria from festering.


Allowing rabbits to drink from bowls may have some benefits, but it is not the recommended choice by veterinarians. Bowls can easily become contaminated with bacteria and algae and require a lot of upkeep in order to provide clean, fresh water for your pet. To ensure your rabbit remains healthy, it is better to use a water bottle instead.

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