can rabbits eat cucumber skin

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber Skin?

Cucumbers are a healthy treat for rabbits to enjoy, but many people worry about the safety of the cucumber skin. Fortunately, most rabbits can safely eat cucumber skin so long as it’s washed and free of chemicals like pesticides.

Nutritional Properties of Cucumber Skin

Cucumber skin is generally safe for rabbits to eat and contains a few important vitamins and minerals. Most notably, cucumber skin is a good source of fiber, which is important for a healthy digestive tract. Cucumber skin also contains various other vital nutrients, such as:

  • Vitamins A, E, and K
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous

Preparation and Serving

When preparing cucumber for rabbits, it’s important to make sure the skin is washed thoroughly and free of potentially harmful chemicals. Before serving, use a vegetable peeler, paring knife, or pair of kitchen scissors to remove any waxy or discolored portions of the cucumber skin.

It’s best to feed cucumber skin in moderation, no more than two tablespoons per day. Too much can cause unwanted digestive problems, such as bloating and diarrhea. The cucumber should be chopped into small, bite-sized pieces and served as a special treat.


In summary, cucumber skin is generally safe and healthy to feed rabbits, as long as it is washed and free of potentially harmful chemicals. Remember to limit your rabbit’s cucumber intake to no more than two tablespoons per day, as too much can be bad for their digestive system. Treat cucumber as an occasional snack, not a meal replacement.

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