can rabbits eat radish

Can Rabbits Eat Radishes?

Rabbits are herbivorous animals, meaning that they are only able to consume plant matter. As part of these plant-based diets, rabbits can eat a variety of different types of vegetables. But what about radishes – can rabbits eat radishes?

The Benefits of Feeding Radishes to Rabbits

Rabbits can safely consume radishes, as long as they are given in moderation. Radishes have a number of benefits to rabbits, including:

  • Provide Vitamins and Minerals: Radish contains vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, dietary fibre, and potassium, which are beneficial to the rabbits’ health.
  • Helps With Digestion: Radishes are high in dietary fibre, which can help to keep rabbits’ digestive tract running smoothly and make it easier for them to digest food.
  • Enhances Gut Flora: Radishes contain a substance called fructans, which can help to increase the numbers of beneficial bacteria in the gut, helping to support a healthy digestive system.

How to Feed Radishes to Your Rabbit

If you are planning to feed radishes to your rabbit, it is important that you do so in moderation. It is recommended that you give no more than 1 tablespoon per kg of body weight, per day. Too much radish can cause digestion issues, such as diarrhoea or bloating.

Radishes should be washed thoroughly before being given to your rabbit, as this will help to remove any traces of pesticides. It is also important to note that radishes can be high in sugar, so rabbits should only be fed a small amount.


In conclusion, rabbits can safely consume radishes, as long as they are given in moderation. Radishes can provide beneficial vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre which can help to support a healthy digestive system. It is important to only feed radishes in small amounts and to ensure that they are washed thoroughly before feeding.

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