can rabbits eat sunflower seeds

Can Rabbits Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Rabbits are naturally herbivorous, although there is a temptation to feed them small amounts of human food. Sunflower seeds are particularly tempting, but can rabbits eat sunflower seeds?

Introducing Sunflower Seeds Into the Rabbit’s Diet

The introduction of sunflower seeds into the rabbit’s diet should only be done with caution and in very small amounts. Sunflower seeds should never completely replace hay and other essential nutrition in the rabbit’s diet.

Things to Consider Before Feeding Sunflower Seeds to Rabbits:

  • Choking hazard: The shell is the obvious risk with any seed. Removing the shell will help to mitigate choking risk.
  • High fat content: It is far better to look for seeds that are raw, without any additional flavourings or high-fat coatings.
  • Obesity: If too many sunflower seeds are fed, the rabbit will become fat, reducing its quality of life.
  • Diabetes: Any high-sugar food, such as sunflower seeds, should be avoided as it could lead to diabetes in the rabbit.


In summary, rabbits should never be fed sunflower seeds as their main source of nutrition. Sunflower seeds should only be an occasional treat in very small amounts and only after consulting your vet. Too much sunflower in a rabbit’s diet can lead to obesity, diabetes, and even choking.

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