can reptiles drink distilled water

Can Reptiles Drink Distilled Water?

Reptiles need water for their bodies to function properly and for survival. Different types of reptiles need different types of water, as some reptiles can only drink rainwater or water bodies like streams, while others can drink distilled water.

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is water that is purified through the process of distillation. This process eliminates the impurities, sediment and other elements like minerals, chlorine,etc. which are found in raw, untreated water.

Can Reptiles Drink Distilled Water?

Yes, there are some species of reptiles that can drink distilled water. However, it is important to note that distilled water should not be the only source of water for your reptile, as it does not contain the minerals and other essential elements found in natural water sources.

Here are some of the reptile species that can drink distilled water:

  • Turtles: Turtles need to drink water that is free of contaminants and so, distilled water is generally safe for them to drink.
  • Snakes: Most species of snakes can drink distilled water. However, those snakes living in water sources may need a more natural water source.
  • Lizards: Lizards can drink distilled water, but like snakes, they usually prefer natural water sources.
  • Crocodiles and Alligators: Crocodiles and alligators can drink distilled water, but they also need other vitamins and minerals which can’t be obtained from distilled water.


Although some reptiles can drink distilled water, it should not be their primary water source as it lacks important minerals and other elements which they need. Distilled water can, however, be used as a backup in emergency situations to keep your pet hydrated, but it should be supplemented with natural water sources to ensure your pet stays healthy and active.

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