Can Reptiles Grow Hair


Can Reptiles Grow Hair?

Most reptiles are hairless, but some species have a few bristles or tufts of hair-like scales. So can reptiles grow hair? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

What Types of Hair do Reptiles Have?

Reptiles do not grow true hair like mammals do. Instead, they grow structures known as scales. Scales are keratin structures that cover the skin, providing a protective layer. There are several different types of scales, including:

    • Granular scales: These scales have a rough texture and usually appear in large patches.


    • Keeled scales: These scales have a raised ridge, similar to a shark’s skin.


    • Smooth scales: These scales are completely smooth, such as on a turtle’s shell.


Reptiles may also have hairs, which are short, stiff bristles found between the scales. These hairs are not true hair, but rather a type of scale.

Do Reptiles Shed?

Reptiles do not shed like mammals do. Instead, they molt, which is the process of shedding their skin. This is a natural process for reptiles and helps them stay cool.

Can Reptiles Change Color?

Many reptiles have the ability to change color, depending on their mood or surrounding environment. Reptiles with dark colors absorb more heat and light than reptiles with lighter colors.

Reptiles that are capable of changing color include some species of snakes, lizards, frogs, and turtles.


Reptiles do not grow true hair like mammals. Instead, they have scales, hairs, and other structures that provide protection. Reptiles do not shed their skin like mammals, they molt. They may also be able to change colors depending on their environment or mood.

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