Can Russian Dwarf Hamsters Live Together


Can Russian Dwarf Hamsters Live Together?

The Russian Dwarf Hamster (also known as the Winter White Hamster) is a very popular pet hamster and many people want to know if it’s possible to keep two of these animals together.

Pros of Keeping Russian Dwarf Hamsters Together:


    • They will have a companion, which can reduce stress and boredom


    • They tend to be more active together as they play and run around


    • Having two hamsters means double the snuggles!


Cons of Keeping Russian Dwarf Hamsters Together:


    • Male and female hamsters are territorial and may fight


    • Russian Dwarf Hamsters are solitary animals and should be housed separately


    • One hamster may dominate the other, leading to stress and aggression


It is not a good idea to keep two Russian Dwarf Hamsters together. They may get along for a short period of time, but if there is any aggression or stress, then it is best to separate them. If two hamsters are housed together, it is important to monitor them closely to ensure that they are getting along.

However, it is possible to keep them in the same room or on the same floor of the house and they will still benefit from each other’s company. This is a great way to keep them socialized and active without risking any aggression or stress.

Overall, it is best to keep Russian Dwarf Hamsters housed separately to keep them safe and healthy. They will benefit from having a companion without the risk of fights and stress that can occur if they are kept together.

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