can snakes bite you underwater

Can Snakes Bite You Underwater?

Snakes are widely known for the potential risk of a bite and the harm they can do. But bites generally occur in dry land, or on land, but does the same threat apply in water? Well, yes and no! The answer to can snakes bite you underwater is complex and depends on a variety of factors.

States of Snake To Bite Underwater

Most snakes lack the ability to open their mouths wide enough underwater to bite humans. However, a few species are capable of some degree of underwater biting:

  • Coral Snakes – have the most powerful venom but their short fangs do not allow them to bite through a wetsuit.
  • Water Moccasins – can open their mouths wide enough to penetrate a wetsuit.
  • Sea Snakes – inhabit the ocean,can bite underwater but rarely choose to attack humans.

Snake Bite Risk Factors

Even though certain snakes can theoretically bite underwater, it is luckily rare for this to actually happen. A few factors need to be taken into account to determine the chances of a snake bite while you’re underwater.

  • Depth/Time – Snakes won’t be happy to stay underwater for long periods of time, so the deeper you go, the less likely you are to encounter a snake.
  • Visibility – Low visibility will prevent you from identifying danger from a distance, and you may accidentally come too close to a snake, potentially leading to a bite.
  • Climate – Wildlife is more active in the summer months, so the risk is higher if you’re engaging in water activities in a warmer climate.

Prevention and Treatment

The best way to prevent a snake bite underwater is to know how to identify poisonous species and to avoid them whenever possible. It also helps to invest in a wetsuit that is designed to provide extra protection. And if you ever do get bitten, seek medical attention immediately!

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