Can Snakes Taste The Air


Can Snakes Taste the Air?

Snakes have a far more developed sense of smell than humans, and it’s been speculated that they can detect tastes from the air. But what does the science say about snakes’ ability to taste the air?

What Is Turtles’ Natural Sense of Taste?

All snakes have an organ called Jacobson’s organ located in their mouth. This organ picks up a variety of scents and can detect odors from up to 5 feet away. This enables snakes to determine the type of food that they may be eating, as well as identify potential predators.

What Are Unusual Abilities Of Snakes?

The fact that snakes can pick up odors from a distance is impressive enough. But did you know they can also:

    • Taste the air – some snakes are able to pick up salts, sugars, and proteins in the air, allowing them to determine the type of food that is nearby.


    • Sense electrical fields– some species of snakes have been known to sense electrical fields from larger animals, such as tusked mammals, allowing them to locate potential prey.


    • See Infrared Heat – pit vipers and boas are able to sense heat through their “labial pits,” allowing them to detect potential prey even in darkness.


Can Snakes Taste the Air?

So, can snakes taste the air? Well, evidence suggests that some species of snakes are able to pick up certain tastes (salts, sugars, and proteins) from the air. This helps them to determine what type of food is nearby and may even help them to detect potential predators. However, snakes cannot actually “taste” the air as we do, as their sense of taste is much more limited. Rather, they are able to detect certain chemicals in the air that may be of interest to them.

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