can two dwarf hamsters live together

Can two Dwarf Hamsters Live Together?

Dwarf hamsters are small, cute, and friendly animals which make them popular pets. They are also social animals and do well when kept in same-sex groups. So, one may wonder if one can keep two dwarf hamsters together.

Things to Consider When Keeping Two Dwarf Hamsters Together

  • Use a large enough cage. Dwarf hamsters need plenty of space to move around so make sure your cage is big enough to accommodate both animals.
  • Make sure they are both of the same gender. Otherwise, you may end up dealing with a population explosion.
  • Provide plenty of enrichment activities. Food puzzles, hideaways, and wheels will help keep your hamsters occupied and their minds stimulated.
  • Provide friendly environments. House both hamsters in the same cage, but make sure they have their own space and hideaways to retreat to if they need a break from each other.

Make sure you observe them frequently, especially in the beginning. Look out for signs of aggression like fur standing on end, chattering teeth, lunging, chasing and nipping. If this happens, separate them and try reintroducing them several weeks later.


Dwarf hamsters can make great companions, just as long as everything is done right. Make sure they have enough space and enrichment activities, and observe them frequently to ensure they get along well. With the right introduction and care, they can become great friends.

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