can two dwarf hamsters live together

Can Two Dwarf Hamsters Live Together?

Dwarf hamsters are small and cuddly animals, making them ideal pets for many families. The question of whether two of them can live together depends on several factors. Luckily, the answer is usually yes, although there are some things to consider.


The type of dwarf hamster makes a difference for whether two of the same type can live together. There are three basic types of dwarf hamsters: Roborovski, Chinese and Syrian hamsters.

  • Roborovski hamsters are very social and can cohabitate as long as they are from the same litter.
  • Chinese and Syrian hamsters are loners, so they should never be kept in the same cage.


In addition to the type of hamster, the gender of the hamsters should also be taken into consideration. It is always safest to house hamsters of the same gender.

  • Syrian hamsters should never be housed together as they will fight aggressively.
  • For Roborovski and Chinese hamsters, it should be fine as long as the genders are the same.


Because dwarf hamsters are so small, it is important to make sure that the cage is big enough for two of them. A minimum of 24 x 12 inches is recommended for two hamsters. If the cage is too small, the hamsters can become stressed.


In conclusion, two dwarf hamsters can live together as long as they are the same type, gender, and the cage is big enough for them. It is recommended to research each type of dwarf hamster to determine whether housing them together is feasible.

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