can two dwarf hamsters live together

Can Two Dwarf Hamsters Live Together?

Dwarf hamsters are popular pet rodents among many pet owners. These small and adorable creatures not only make great pets but they can also live together under the right conditions. Here is what you should know when considering if two dwarf hamsters can cohabitate.

Pros Of Keeping Two Dwarf Hamsters Together

  • Companionship: Keeping two dwarf hamsters together can be beneficial to both hamsters as they can provide companionship to each other and play together.
  • Fur Markers: Having two dwarf hamsters in the same cage can also help them to look out for one another, as they will leave fur markers in spaces and corners indicating who the territory belongs to.
  • Living Costs: If you have two dwarf hamsters, you can save on costs like food, bedding, and treats by buying in bulk. You can also save on the cost of purchasing two cages.

Cons Of Keeping Two Dwarf Hamsters Together

  • Space: It is important to provide enough space for your hamsters, so if you are keeping two together you need to make sure that the cage is big enough for them both.
  • Stress: Depending on the hamsters, one may become dominant and start to worry or bully the subordinate one. This can cause stress on both hamsters and should be avoided.
  • Health: Dwarf hamsters are prone to respiratory infections, more so if they are living together as they can pass illnesses on to each other more easily.


Keeping two dwarf hamsters together can be rewarding for both hamsters but it is important to be aware of the risks that come with it. To ensure that two dwarf hamsters can live happily together, ensure that there is enough space for them to live in and monitor them for any signs of stress or illness.

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