can two hamsters be in the same cage

Can Two Hamsters Live Together in the Same Cage?

Hamsters are delightful and entertaining pets that are perfect for both kids and adults. When it comes to hamsters, many people wonder if you can keep two of them together in the same cage.

The Pros and Cons of Keeping Two Hamsters Together

There are both pros and cons to keeping two hamsters in the same cage:


  • Having two hamsters caged together can provide them with companionship and socialization.
  • Sharing a cage can be beneficial for younger hamsters in helping them learn vital hamster behaviors and language.
  • Cages with multiple hamsters can provide guests with more entertainment as they can observe multiple interactions at once.


  • The presence of a second hamster can agitate or overwhelm the first.
  • Having a cage with multiple hamsters can leave limited space for them to exercise, play and move around.
  • Cages with multiple hamsters should also have multiple food and water spots, which can make them more difficult to clean.

How to Tell if Two Hamsters are Suitable to Live Together

Before putting two hamsters in the same cage, it is important to make sure they get along. One way to do this is to introduce them in a neutral territory such as a large, open container. It is also important to observe the interactions to make sure they are not aggressive or stressed.

If the hamsters are getting along and not showing signs of distress, it is possible to keep them together in a large cage with adequate space. It is also important to have multiple food and water spots in the cage so that the hamsters have enough of each.

In conclusion, deciding whether to house two hamsters in the same cage or not is dependent on a variety of factors. It is important to evaluate the hamsters’ interactions and their personalities to make sure they are compatible. Once it is determined that they get along, having two hamsters in the same cage can be beneficial for them, as well as entertaining for their owners.

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