can two unneutered female rabbits live together

Can Two Unneutered Female Rabbits Live Together?

It may not be obvious, but there are important considerations when deciding whether two unneutered female rabbits should live together. Here are some points to consider when making this decision:

Do They Get Along?

The first and most important thing to consider is whether the two rabbits get along. Without getting along, one or both of the rabbits could become territorial. This means one female may start bossing the other around, which could lead to fights or even injury.

Are They Spayed?

If the two female rabbits are not spayed, there is a greater risk of them becoming territorial. This is because unspayed female rabbits produce more hormones that can lead to aggression. It’s always best to get the two female rabbits spayed if they are not already.

Do They Have Separate Living Spaces?

Another important factor to consider is whether the two female rabbits have enough room to be alone when they need it. Rabbits need a lot of space and separate living areas to feel safe and secure. If the two rabbits do not have enough space, they may become territorial or aggressive.

What Other Animals Are Around?

If the two female rabbits live in close proximity to other animals, such as cats or dogs, there could be a higher risk of aggression or territorial behavior. This is especially true if the other animals are unfamiliar or if they are male.


In summary, it is possible for two unneutered female rabbits to live together, but there are several factors to consider before making this decision. It is important to make sure the two rabbits get along, they have enough space, they are spayed, and they are not living near other animals. With proper care and attention, two female rabbits can live together peacefully.

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