can u give dwarf hamsters a bath

Can You Give Dwarf Hamsters a Bath?

Dwarf hamsters are among the most popular types of small furry pet companions around the world. As small, warm-blooded creatures, they do require regular grooming and hygiene to remain healthy. But can you give them a bath? Read on to find out.

When Not to Give Your Hamster a Bath

The general consensus among hamster experts and owners is that it is not recommended to give your dwarf hamster a bath. According to the Fresno Bee, this is because they don’t need a bath the same way other animals do, and they lack the ability to regulate their body temperature after a bath, unlike other animals.

Reasons Why Hamsters Don’t Need Baths

There are some key reasons why a dwarf hamster does not need a bath. They include:

  • They clean themselves: Hamsters are careful groomers and keep their fur clean by licking it with their tongues.
  • They have a special oil: Dwarf hamsters produce their own oil, which keeps their fur shiny, soft, and protected.
  • They can get overwhelmed easily: Hamsters are easily frazzled and can become stressed when taken out of their cages, making baths a potential source of anxiety.


In conclusion, while baths can be beneficial for other types of small pets, it is not recommended that you give your dwarf hamster a bath. Stick to regular cage cleaning and grooming, with occasional spot cleaning if necessary.

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