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Can Weasels Become Pets?

Weasels have long been associated with beasts of prey, due to the similarities in their physical appearance and active hunting behavior. While not traditionally thought of as tame or cute, common misconceptions have led some to consider keeping these wild animals as pets.

Are Weasels Suitable Pets?

The answer is general “no”, as weasels are wild animals and would not be suitable for being kept as a pet. It would be illegal and cruel to keep a weasel as a pet due to the animal’s poor ability to adapt to captivity. There are a number of reasons why a weasel should not be kept as a pet:

  • Weasels are territorial: Weasels are territorial animals and must have their own space and den to feel safe in. This would make it difficult to keep a weasel in a home environment.
  • They are very active: Weasels are active, inquisitive animals and require plenty of space to explore. When confined to a small area, a weasel will be unhappy and stressed out.
  • They have strict dietary requirements: A weasel’s diet consists mainly of small mammals, such as mice and voles, which would be difficult to provide for in a home environment.
  • Weasels can be aggressive: Weasels are naturally aggressive and are not suitable for being kept in close contact with humans.

Is There An Alternative?

For those interested in owning a pet weasel, one possible option is to adopt a ferret, which are domesticated weasels and bred to be easier to handle and care for. Ferrets make great pets, and can be litter-trained, socialised and taught tricks. However, it is important to bear in mind that ferrets require the same level of care and attention that other pets do and must be kept in a safe environment.

In conclusion, weasels should not be kept as pets as it can be cruel and dangerous for both the animal and the owner. Those in search of a pet weasel should instead look into ferrets.

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