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Can You Bring Pets In Uber


Can You Bring Pets in Uber?

In general, Uber does not allow ride requests with pets, and drivers are not obligated to accept any such requests if the driver has any allergies or other issues with pets. However, there are some exceptions to this rule and the following list explains what you need to know before you decide to bring a pet along for your Uber ride.

Requirements for Bringing a Pet in Uber

  • The pet must fit safely and comfortably in a carrier – while Uber drivers are not obligated to accept a request with a pet, they may be willing to do so if the pet is properly contained in a secure carrier that is easy to clean.
  • The pet must be house-trained – Uber drivers can refuse to take a pet rider if it has not been properly trained or if it is showing any signs of aggression.
  • The pet must remain in its carrier at all times during the ride – the carrier should be kept in the back seat and the driver should not be required to interact with the pet in any way.

Are There Any Additional Restrictions?

  • Uber has also set some additional restrictions regarding the type of pets they can accept as riders. This includes no exotic or wild animals, or any type of pet that may be considered dangerous.
  • In some cases, drivers may also ask the rider to sign a release form stating that they will not be held liable for any disruption or damage caused by the pet during the ride.

Can I Request an Uber Pet?

Yes, Uber does allow riders to request an Uber Pet. This is an Uber service that provides transportation for pets in specially designed carriers. Uber Pet drivers are trained and experienced in handling pets in the car, and they are required to complete a pet safety course before they can accept pet ride requests. However, this service is only available in certain cities, and riders will need to check the Uber website to see if it is available in their area.

Overall, while Uber does not generally allow ride requests with pets, there are exceptions to this rule and riders may be able to bring a pet along for the ride if they meet the requirements. Additionally, Uber Pet is a special service provided in certain cities that allows riders to request a driver who is trained and experienced in handling pet transportation.

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