Can You Cuddle With Hamsters


Can You Cuddle With Hamsters?

Many pet owners ask themselves whether it is possible to cuddle with their pet hamsters. The answer is yes, you can cuddle with some hamsters, however its important to create a bond with your pet hamster before trying it.

[1] Get to Know Your Hamster

Before attempting to cuddle your pet hamster, it is important to take the time to get to know it, so that you can create a bond and make it trust you. It is best to start small, by simply talking or singing to it or giving it treats or small bites of vegetables. This way it can get used to the sound of your voice and the feeling of your presence.

[2] Handle the Hamster Gently

Once you have established a trusting relationship with your hamster, you can start to gently handle it. Moving it from one hand to the other, petting it gently, and rubbing noses with it will help your hamster get used to being touched by you and make it more likely to accept and enjoy being cuddled.

[3] Let the Hamster Decide

When the time comes to cuddle your hamster, always try and let the hamster initiate it. This way, it doesn’t feel forced and it can remain comfortable and relaxed. If you approach your hamster and it seems hesitant or scared, it is best to leave it alone for a while and come back another time.

[4] Cuddle Carefully

Once the hamster is comfortable being cuddled, you should always keep it gentle and safe. You should:

    • Hold your hamster securely: Make sure your hold your hamster firmly, but gently, and don’t let it fall or escape.



    • Be patient: Don’t try and force the cuddle; if your hamster isn’t enjoying it, then it should be given time and space.


Cuddling with your hamster can be a wonderful experience, as long you take the time to get to know it and make sure to handle it carefully. Doing so can help you create a strong bond with your pet and show it how much you care.

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