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can you eat bearded dragons

Can You Eat Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons (scientifically known as Pogona vitticeps) are reptiles native to the deserts of Australia. With their spiky, scaled hides and docile personalities, they have become a popular pet in many countries, including the United States. But what about eating them? Is this sanctioned or even possible? Let’s take a look at the facts.

Bearded Dragon Diets

Bearded dragons, like most other species of lizards, are omnivorous, meaning they will consume both meat and vegetation. In the wild, they typically eat a variety of insects, plants, and even small birds. As pets, they may be offered canned insects, crickets, and a variety of fruits, vegetables, and pellet feed.

Can You Eat Bearded Dragons?

The short answer is no. Eating bearded dragons is considered cruel and illegal in most countries, so it is best to leave them out of the kitchen.

Are There Eating Alternatives?

Though you can’t eat a bearded dragon, there are plenty of delicious alternatives to choose from. Here are a few popular options:

  • Crickets: Crickets are a popular food item for bearded dragons and their owners, alike. You can find them in most pet or pet supply stores and they make for a crunchy and protein-rich snack.
  • Mealworms: Like crickets, mealworms are another popular food item for reptiles, including bearded dragons. They are readily available in many feed stores and make for a delicious, high-fat treat.
  • Insects: Many of the insects eaten by wild beardies, such as roaches and locusts, are also available for purchase in pet or feed stores. These are usually canned or in pre-bagged form, making them easy to feed your bearded dragon.
  • Fruits & Vegetables: Bearded dragons need a range of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. Offer them items such as dandelion greens, apples, squash, and carrots for a healthy, vitamin-rich treat.

In conclusion, it is not recommended to eat bearded dragons. Not only is it cruel and possibly illegal, but there are plenty of other safe and delicious alternatives available. Stick to the above options and your pet will stay healthy and happy!

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